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Artist: Mariya Yankovich

About the Artist:

I started painting 3 years ago, and the more I do, the more I enjoy it. My favorite medias are watercolor and pastel. I keep experimenting with different styles.Originally, I am from Ukraine. I used to play with colors as a child, and always wanted to resume and further advance my technique. After moving to Vero Beach, I have found my inspiration. I love to surprise my family and friends with every artwork I make!

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After Hurricane
"After Hurricane"
Chinese Magnolia
"Chinese Magnolia"
Cornflower Field
"Cornflower Field"
Meadow Dawn
"Meadow Dawn"
Meadow Dusk
"Meadow Dusk"
Pink Hydrangea
"Pink Hydrangea"
Poppy Sunset
"Poppy Sunset"
Rush Hour, London
"Rush Hour, London"
Sloop Sunset
"Sloop Sunset"
Tropical Sunset
"Tropical Sunset"
Venice 1
"Venice 1"
Venice 2
"Venice 2"
Venice 3
"Venice 3"
Venice 4
"Venice 4"
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