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Artist: Jerry Smietanka

About the Artist:

Jerry Smietanka was born in Warsaw, Poland. He grew up on the banks of the Wisla River where he developed a fascination with flowing waters and deep love for the outdoors.He began painting watercolors in High School. After College, he opened a silversmith studio and making jewelry became his career. In 1987, before collapse of the Berlin Wall, he immigrated to New York. In 1989, a sailing vacation in South Florida changed his life again, he movedup there few years later. Surrounded by beautiful waters, wildlife, sun drenched beaches herediscovered his passion for watercolors. He has studied with acclaimed local artist CarolynMoline and joined Gold Coast Watercolor Society. He has been painting with oils for the pastdecade, wanting to imbue the tropics with even more vibrant colors and textures.

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"Everglades II"

"Indian River"

"Kardashians on green carpet"

"Lagoon Sunset"

"Livin'a Dream"

"Maracas Bay/Trinidad"

"Nude in a Black Hat"

"Poinciana Time"

"Portrait of McCormick"

"Seaside Grill / Jaycee Park"

"Stormy River"

"Terra Mar Boats"

"Vero Bait and Tackle"

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