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Artist: Gayle Labbe-Vanasse

About the Artist:

Gayle Vanasse; A teacher and creator of Déjà Vu Arts, Author of an inspirational guided journey book titled "HUGS", an International Poet and, Hatha Yoga Instructor. Her Mission is to teach and inspire the unlimited creative potential in all human development through the art of exploration, discovery, and creativity. All Déjà Vu Arts creations are made with 100% recycled materials. Scrap mail and papers are used to make new textured sheets of paper, which may include flower petals, herbs, onion or garlic skins, and many other natural gifts. These sheets of handmade paper is used to create the every evolving line of creative one-of-a-kind gifts from journey books, social note cards, candle wraps, framed wall art and more.

Artwork Protected by Copyright
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Collection of Journey Books
"Collection of Journey Books"
Falling Leaves
"Falling Leaves"
Journey Book "All Wrapped Up"
"Journey Book "All Wrapped Up""
Process of making
"Process of making"
Taking Flight
"Taking Flight"
View of inside and out
"View of inside and out"
White Bird
"White Bird"
Yellow PolkaDot
"Yellow PolkaDot"
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