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Artist: Michelle Nevaeh

About the Artist:

Michelle Nevaeh of Nevaeh CreatesI was classically trained as an Executive Chef at the Culinary Institute of America in NY. Developing new flavor profiles and focusing on the presentation of culinary arts was always what I loved most about my career. I am a firm believer that we eat with our eyes first and have applied that same logic and incorporated the creativity and beautiful aesthetics into my woodworking. Combining Live-edge and highly figured exotic and domestic woods with the highest quality epoxy and pigments is my specialty. This enables me to make one-of-a-kind functional art in the form of cutting boards, charcuterie boards, serving platters, as well as what I call the “Chefs Table” which is my line of live edge river epoxy and wood tables. I also very much enjoy making wall art and sculptures to compliment my functional art pieces.

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"18" live edge round"

"2 piece wall hangings"

"American Flag"

"Beach Themed Walnut Charcuterie board"

"Caribbean Driftwood"

"Flaming Box elder Table with Epoxy"

"Garden State Table"

"Grandillo Serving Tray"

"Kintsugi Twins"

"Mesquite Table"

"Olive wood Charcuterie"

"Walnut and Epoxy serving tray"

"Walnut and Wenge End grain cutting board"

"Walnut round blocks "

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