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Artist: Jessica Schmidt

About the Artist:

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to Florida for my second degree. I now create art and am a sea turtle researcher across Vero's Beaches (inspiration y'all!) See you at my studio or on the beach with my head down a turtle hole!

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Bok Tower
"Bok Tower"
Broken Heart
"Broken Heart"
Excuse Me, but I Believe That
"Excuse Me, but I Believe That's Mine"
Fading Existence
"Fading Existence"
Gator Smile
"Gator Smile"
Love Birds
"Love Birds"
Love is Delicate
"Love is Delicate"
Peace Flows
"Peace Flows"
Respect the Beauty
"Respect the Beauty"
Seas the Day
"Seas the Day"
Spanish Moss Stream
"Spanish Moss Stream"
The Bears
"The Bears"
The Hurricane
"The Hurricane"
To the Sun
"To the Sun"
What a Wonderful World a.k.a. The Jess-ter
"What a Wonderful World a.k.a. The Jess-ter"
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