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Artist: Yvonne Sewell
Phone:(772) 879-3400

About the Artist:

My name is Yvonne Mason Sewell. I am an author, photographer and artist.

I started my life in art late. For years I wanted to paint but was told I couldn't because my art was so eclectic. I see art in everything I do. I work in oils as well as acrylics and my style is always changing.

I am originally from Georgia but moved to Florida in 2006. I know call Florida my home. I live in Port St Lucie and love it.

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"Bayou in Green"

"Bayou in Winter"

"Before a Storm"

"Dancing with the Sea"

"Fairy Forest"

"Full Moon Tide"

"Icy Waters"

"New Picture"


"Southern Charm"

"Sunny Day in the Bayou"

"The Bayou"

"Waiting on a Hurricane"

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