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Artist: Cree Scudder

About the Artist:

I call myself a mid-life painter (even though I just passed that exit on the freeway). My past life as a businesswoman, juggling family and a typesetting/graphic design studio, plus a giant move across the country to CA from NJ, contributed greatly to my palette. I recorded inspirations and digested images.

My current life includes a focus on color: I explore color and study the nuances of available -- along with their emotions. I believe my paintings sing cheerfully and emotionally!

As you explore my most recent series of paintings, you are viewing the final versions. Many of my paintings start from collages that I create. The act of designing my space with images I have connected with makes my transition into painting a dream. From these simple beginnings, I move forward to create opportunities for further color studies. The interior landscapes became an opportunity to suggest to myself to “let go of the original and push my exploration (from color nuances to using whatever materials I deemed as appropriate for storytelling).”

But, where does this constant challenge to improvise or explore come from? Funny… when I asked myself this question, I actually had to stand back and think. I put my family into this equation and mentally observed each member: my daughter’s costume/styling techniques, my son’s detailed economic balance, and my husband’s steadfast automotive focus. It was in this moment that I finally decided it was “ok” to explore my own story telling.

With this more than acceptable approach to my art, I allowed my love for color and design to be of foremost importance. I believe that design and color bring the viewer into the painting while encouraging one to look for more than what meets the eye. And, as I rejoice that my “light bulb” is “on”, I would like to share my enthusiasm for my almost 20 years of living in CA with amazing instructors and classmates. I learned so much about art, life and happiness!

I am enjoying Vero Beach, Florida, a town very dear to my heart as a Miami native whose grandparents arrived here in the 1940's from Illinois. Back then, when my mom was visiting her parents and my dad was visiting his parents during college spring break, they met, fell in love with one another, and ... well, I am grateful! And, I am delighted to be home!My bio is available upon request. Please email me: creescudder@gmail.comwww.

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