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Artist: Christina Barber
Phone:(772) 207-0705

About the Artist:


There is a true artist in each of us. It is our heart, it is our soul, it is the desire and need to share the beauty within and all around us.

Since my beginnings in Savannah, Georgia, I have spent much of my life traveling. What is your first memory? Life begins with feelings, with memories, with navigating through passion and expression. I traveled out west some years ago, worked and lived at Yellowstone National Park where my eyes were opened to a deeper beauty, and went on to school in California where I discovered the mysteries of the dark room. Burgundy Tree Photo & Design was born years later while completing school at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I work, play and reside in Florida when not traveling.

My style...I love dramatic lighting and have a photo noir sense. Through the veins of life and passion, she branches out of Burgundy Tree.

Welcome to my world. Enjoy!

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"And I Reflect"

"And Morning Begins"

"Butterfly Palette"

"By and By"

"Catch My Drift"

"Day in Sebastian"


"May They Rust In Peace"

"My Vero"

"New Picture"

"New Picture"

"New Picture"

"Poet's Rainbow"

"Red White and Blue"

"She Is Rain"

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