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Artist: Deirdre Bugbee

About the Artist:

I was born in Toronto, early husband import to USA, PR Director for a large savings and loan, 20 years in Connecticut, where I studied portrait painting. Was a writer for various publications including newspapers and magazines. Studied under Charles Gruppe, Charlotte Dickinson, Cathy Steiger, Regina Stark, Frank Covino in Connecticut and other notable artists in both Connecticut and Florida. Moving to Vero Beach from Westport Connecticut, I soon immersed myself in the art community in Vero Beach, joining the Vero Beach Art Club and the Museum. I enjoy the camaraderie of the Art Club, and take advantage of the exhibit and educational opportunities. Landscapes, seascapes and sunsets are my favorite subjects painted in oil and acrylic.

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"4th of July Sunset on the River"

"Boulder Colorado Vista"

"I Scream For You"

"Magic Moments"

"Out to Lunch"

"The Wave"

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