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Artist: May (Margaret) Brandt

About the Artist:

Born and raised in New York State I loved making art from a very young age. I received my BA from Stanford Univ., married, had two children and lived all over the country. After moving to upstate NY I completed an MFA from SUNY Albany. I then taught drawing for 20 years at the Sage Colleges of Albany, NY. My painting at the time consisted mostly of still lives with a particular attention to lighting and the surfaces of ordinary animate and inanimate objects. I have shown and won awards in numerous juried shows, most recently at the “Art by the Sea” exhibition at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Since moving to Florida with my husband in 2011, I have been lured out of doors by the lush Florida landscape and am enjoying learning to paint en plein air.

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"Beach Conversation"

"Big Rock and Friend"


"King of the Pears"


"Lane's Rock"

"Leaning Palm - Marina"

"Mater Blanca"

"Sanger Blue"

"Sexton Ranch with horse"

"Sexton Ranch with truck"

"Vero Beach Marina"

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